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Card Player’s Player of the Year award has become the yardstick used by the entire poker community to measure who has played the best tournament poker during the year. To further enhance it both within and outside of the poker community, it is my pleasure to announce the following in regard to the 2005 Player of the Year award:


  • The winner will be given a buy-in (up to $10,000 maximum) to the 2006 World Series of Poker championship event.


  • All players who receive 2005 POY points will be invited to play in a $100,000 freeroll in early 2006 at


  • The top 100 point-getters will be invited to attend a gala awards banquet in early 2006. We will make this a proper media event so that you stars will get the recognition that you so rightly deserve.


In addition, we would like to acknowledge that there are many new players who don’t have either the funds or the opportunity to play in the major POY events.


Many Card Player readers know that we host monthly $1,500 freerolls at our play-money site They are great fun and a good learning tool, and it is always nice to have a chance to win something with no financial risk. The year’s top 100 finishers will be eligible to play in a final championship tournament. Go to to learn about signing up for Poker Online Mogeqq


Besides other prizes, the top 10 finishers will also be invited to “Play With the Pros” in the $100,000 freeroll and attend the 2005 POY awards banquet.


On behalf of the entire poker community, I would like to extend a very special thanks to, who will be the 2005 POY award sponsor. Without them, this would not be possible. Step Tournaments



I was quite surprised when I logged on to recently and found two-table, 20-player $1,000 buy-in tournaments. Thinking that perhaps the whole world had gone crazy, I figured nobody would play, and if 20 people ever did pony up $1,000 each, they all would probably be pros.


Wrong. In seven minutes, the tournament was full, and I assure you that the players were not pros. They weren’t even very good.


Anyway, it turns out that once again, the ever innovative has come up with a winner. Taking a page from the World Series of Poker, it hosts satellites that lead to other satellites that get the winners into high-payout tournaments without having to make big buy-ins.


There are five steps from which a player can start. The big-limit player can just buy in for $1,000, beat 19 players, and win $9,000. At the other extreme, you can work your way up to that tournament for a mere $11 buy-in. There are also $50, $200, and $500 steps for players who want to start in the middle.


You can sign up for PartyPoker at, and enter “CARD” for a bonus — or, click through directly from