For all the European keluar sgp poker pros who didn’t make the trip across the pond for the WSOP, Everest Poker is preparing to unveil their own live tournament. With four stops through three separate nations, one of the old world’s premier poker services is set to give away over €1,500,000 guaranteed!


This will be the first time that a casino poker tournament has been hosted in conjunction with Swiss, German, and Austrian brick and mortar establishments. 3LT features the largest guaranteed prize pool of any tournament hosted in a German-speaking nation. The tour will conclude with a €500,000 grand finale in Vienna, after making it’s way through Switzerland and Germany.


Though the first tournament has already wrapped, players are invited to sign up for their Warnemünde Beach event, to be held August 27th-30th. Here’s how to qualify, according to a recent press release:


“Direct entries run every Tuesday at 18:30 GMT and Friday nights at 20:30 GMT. Climb the Everest Poker steps and earn your ticket to Warnemünde Beach for as low as $3. All 3LT tournaments can be found under the Live tab in the Scheduled Tournaments section of the Everest Poker lobby.”


So, if you’re interested in qualifying for this exciting live event, stop over to Everest Poker. Grab the latest version of their poker software here, and be sure to check out their exciting signup bonus!Everest Poker Offers $1M WSOP Match

Lots of online poker sites offer their players a chance to sit in on the 2010 World Series of Poker. But how many of them offer you a shot at an additional $1,000,000?


That’s exactly what Everest Poker, one of the world’s most popular gaming companies, is doing right now. In case their standard prize packages weren’t enough, each qualifier who nets a seat in either the Main Event or Side Event #54 will also receive a share of up to $1,000,000 in additional prize money!


The math itself gets a little complicated. Essentially, it works like this: Once both events are completed, Everest Poker will add up the total WSOP winnings garnered by their online qualifiers. They will then put forth a 100% money match, creating a brand new prize pool for them to distribute. This pot will be divvied up into shares and distributed according to the event in which each participant played. Those who sat in on the WSOP Main Event will receive ten shares of the profits, while the Event #54 participants will earn a single share.


Of course, if you’re really talented, you may be able to qualify for both. Everest will allow players to participate in both, which means you’d be eligible for an incredible 11 shares!


Claiming your piece of the prize couldn’t be easier. Once they’ve done all the relevant math, Everest will drop the bonus directly into your account.


That’s it, folks! Thanks to this amazing offer, all of their qualifiers will be in the money, one way or the other.